Code, Size and Pricing Info


The list of codes here is to ease you when placing order with us. 
You can also use them as the referral to your own card's design and idea which to guide us in making your card :)

*click on the code to view the card's post ^^

Raya Card
RC 2: Snoopy Cooking Ketupat Raya Card
RC 4: Snoopy Stamp Ray Card
RC 3: Landry the Racoon ‘Balik Kampung’ Raya Card
RC 1: Hello Kitty Salam Raya Card
RC 5: Specially Requested : Ketupat Theme Raya Card
RC 6: Specially Requested : Mosque & Kampung Theme Raya Card

Customized Card
CC 1: Customized Card as Requested : Angry Birds!
CC 2: Customized Card as Requested : Snoopy Birthday Card
CC 3: Customized Card as Requested : Hello Kitty
CC 4: Customized Card as Requested : Two-Page Love Card
CC 5: Customized Card as Requested : Simpson Birthday Card
CC 6: Customized Card as Requested : Domokun
CC 7: Customized Card as Requested : Birthday Card for Mom
CC 8: Customized Card as Requested : Pikachu 2
CC 9: Customized Card as Requested : Pikachu
CC 10: Customized Card as Requested : Doraemon Birthday Card
CC 11: Customized Card as Requested : Ultraman!
CC 12: Specially Requested and Made : Crayon Shin Chan Pop-Out Birthday Card in Quilling 
CC 13: Specially Requested and Made : Pikachu Pop-Out Birthday Card
CC 14: Specially Requested and Made : Doraemon Birthday Card in Quilling
CC 15: Specially Requested and Made : Snoopy Pop-Out Birthday Card, With Love
CC 16: Specially Requested and Made : Muffin Pop-Out Birthday Card
CC 17: Specially Requested and Made : Winnie the Pooh Birthday Card

Seasonal Card (can be in any theme)
SC 1: Cute Piggy Reading Pop-Out Card

Thank You Card
TQC 1: Cutie Duck Thank You Pop-Out Card
TQC 2: Snoopy Thank You Pop-Out Card
TQC 3: Doraemon Thank You Pop-Out Card
TQC 4: Honey Bee Thank You Pop-Out Card

Best Wishes Card
BWC 1: Lucky Clover Pop Out Card with Quilling

The size of the cards is not stated here as they differ according to customer's design and demand.

Some of the cards' price are not stated here also as they differ in terms of design and level of difficulty to make. 

However, you can always contact us using the INQUIRY FORM (click) or visit our   for any inquiries :)