Hello! Happy Birthday Daddy

Pop-Up Trees and a Quilling Cake

Front page with a sliding bookmark

The happy bookmark

SpongeBob SquarePants Birthday Card

SpongeBob Squarepants Birthday Card. Front.
Tada!Surprise! Attached inside is a birthday message card.

SpongeBob popping out with a cute muffin inside.

Manchester United Fan

For A Young Manchester United Fan

For the little boy
With a Cute Message for the Birthday Boy

Those Cute Little Tiny Fingers and Toes

A cute card to congratulate the newborn baby!

Pink for a cute baby girl :)


Details given on the cradle, the lamp and the love mobile :)

Play Me the Song

A pop-out birthday card for him who loves indulging his passion in music :)


Quilling details are added in creating the guitar :)


Feeling inspired? Want to have this for a special someone? Do contact us for more :)

Show Me Your Love

A cute envelope specially made to suit the card

" shout your love out loud! "


You can have this design too for your loved one, or have it in your own way. Do contact us for more (:

We're backkk :)

Hellllooooo! We are very sorry for not updating the blog for we have been busy with final year projects which has ended (yay!) and also with classes and final exams. So, as the blog manager, I've been thinking of redesigning this blog, to make it look nicer and more neat and now that we are having our semester break, finally we have a new look for TonyHandCraft :) the previous look was too pinky and perhaps a bit childish, it didn't really suit our crafter's personality (he's a very meticulous and neat person. hehe) and our personality as well. Hehe. We're now back  in business, Anthony, our crafter is ready to receive any order for your loved ones! Perhaps for valentine's day? It's February already! 

So, we hope it's still not too late to wish our dearest followers happy new year and happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrated it :) may this year be a prosperous year for each and everyone of you! Thank u again for your support! <3

Wait for our updates on the latest cards that we have made, mostly made upon request which you may use as referral or as an inspiration for your card :) Stay tuned!

Anis :)